I don’t condone bypassing your local IT department’s firewall, but here’s a URL to a PHProxy TWO nice little pages I have setup for your use. kthxbai is hosted on my home server and has a few more features and potentially unlimited bandwidth. FreeMeMacGenius is hosted on Google’s AppSpot and there is a quota. Not many people know about my blog, but if traffic starts to jump to the point where it’s hindering my ability to download or it starts causing my computer to break a sweat, I’ll implement authentication on both. Anyway without further hesitation, continue here:

kthxbai will be back up soon, I’ve had to take it down to do maintenance on the box I have it hosted on… If you need someone ASAP, call me and I’ll give you a suggestion, or you can use the one above @ appspot!

By all means, leave a comment below if you love this/hate this/don’t know what the heck this is. That way I can determine if this should be even on here!

Note: If for any reason either page is down, let me know asap! Something probably happened on the web server at home OR someone was overzealous with the GoogleApp. As soon as I know about it, the faster I can get it back up and running!

3 Responses to Free_Me

  1. Cris says:

    lee, you are amazing. kthxbai!

  2. Lee says:

    Is it still working for you? I might switch it to a different proxy. One that’ll be faster for anyone who uses it… hhehe…as long as the organization doesn’t block GOOGLE then it should work. I’ll let u know when I make the switch

  3. Jay Vizzle says:

    I works for me at CPUC. They blocked Social Media sites. Right on!

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