I’ll post some design work I’ve done in the past on this page. Nothing super fantastic (well, you be the judge), but when I did the work, the “clients” were extremely happy, and that’s what matters right? Right.

Wedding Invitations!!
Here are the final pictures of the wedding invites I made for our wedding! The design considerations were:

  • 1 page
  • die cut or cut out
  • website will hold ALL pertinent information
  • each invite needed to be unique per each family

This is basically the end result! I talk about how the RSVP system works in my “Learn to Code” post, so head on over to see how everything worked!

Here’s the front of our invites. I designed it in Illustrator and cut it out using a Silhouette SD paper cutter. The cream paper you see is a result of the inside paper that the body text is printed on.

Here is a closeup of the cutout. It’s kind of hard to see, but the difference between the two papers provides a tactile feel when you pick it up.

Here’s the top copy. Don’t mind the “dirty” look, the ink from the bottom copy rubbed off =(

This is the body copy. Each invite is unique to each family we invited. Pertinent wedding information was found on our website, password protected to prevent the WORLD from coming lol.

LED Light Up Sims Plumbbob
After 4 years of being a Member of Instructables.com, I finally submitted my first instructable! The instructable is based on my 2010 Halloween Costume: a Sim (you know, from the game?!)! My tut shows you how to wire up some LEDs and create a structure to have your very own green Sims pylon. The build took me about a week. I finished just in time for a Halloween party!

SFSU Portfolio
Here’s the stuff I did as a student for SFSU, namely my Graphic Design I & II classes. They focused on Digital Media. At the time, Adobe Creative Suite 2 was THE thing.
DAI 327 consisted of mainly Adobe Flash work while DAI 427 focused on Adobe After Effects. Projects I’m particularly proud of are my Midterm Final for DAI 327 and my DAI 427 Final.

  • Rasterbation 101
    This midterm consisted of 2 parts. One part was to take photographs of certain things outline in the project guidelines. I can’t remember what the categories were, but in the end each student turned in their photos. The photos were then all mixed up at random and each student were handed a stack of photos. The second part of the assignment focused on using digital media techniques we learned so far to highlight and/or support the photographs in an engaging way. I chose to use the photograph, in my case, a waterfall, in an art project using the Rasterbator. The Rasterbator is a program that pixelizes a photograph in segments to be printed on standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper to make a very very large poster. My canvas was the wall in my room.
    Flash 8 with ActionScript
  • The Lazy Landscaper
    This final consisted of a team creating a “How-to” guide using digital media. I can’t remember if we were assigned a topic, or if we came up with it ourselves, but the topic was “How to Build a Terrarium”. Multiple SWF arrays were used in order to tie in different sections of the project. Each member of the group worked on a specific section and I merged them all together with an array. The intro, index, and aquatic sections were done by myself.
    Flash 8 with ActionScript
  • How to Build a Plastic Model
    For our Final, our task was to shoot video and edit said video in Adobe After Effects showing viewers how to do a specific thing. Topics were assigned to us at random via drawing from a hat. One key design element that was commented on frequently was the clean layout. When designing the layout, I chose to embed video for smaller clips and call upon streaming video for larger clips. Note: I’m in the process of fixing the video tutorials (they go in the white space that you’ll notice).
    Adobe After Effects and Flash 8 with ActionScript
  • Cardboard Stool Project
    Task: Create a stool entirely out of cardboard. You can only use wood glue. Fabrication can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. The stool must: 1) Be lightweight, 2) Portable and, 3) Able to hold your weight. At the time I only weighed 125. I weight around 150 now… It still can hold ~350 lbs. The concept is the top part is a cone fit inside another cone. The bottom half is hollow, but the top half is filled with cardboard. Any weight applied to the top is distributed throughout the base of the stool. The weight of the stool itself is < 5 lbs.

Birthday Party Invitation

My friend asked me to do an invitation for his sons’ first birthday. Him and his wife wanted the invite to look like a magazine cover, complete with articles and stories. I took the photo with a pretty basic digital camera and touched up the lighting and colors in Photoshop.

Various Photoshop Work
In the photos below we were often located where no one else was around to take the photo. 2-3 pictures were taken as reference and then stitched together in Photoshop.

Metals Manufacturing

  • Motion Vehicle
    Tasked with creating a vehicle with limited raw materials, the winner of the competition was chosen based on speed, control, and total distance traveled.
    Google SketchUp
  • Metal Table w/ PlexiGlas Top
    Design a piece of furniture incorporating either glass or plexiglass.
    Google SketchUp
  • Jewelry

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