Hi. I’m Lee.
I’m a full-time geek. I do IT for a branch of the Cal EPA, Monday through Friday and I’m a veteran partner at your favorite Starbucks on the weekends. I received a BA in Industrial Arts – Product Design, Graphic Design, and Advertising with a Minor in Marketing from SFSU. I haven’t done anything (professionally) with my degree, but I hope to change that. This blog is basically a small glimpse into what I’m capable of and interested in. IT related stuff is my hobby and I decided to fall back on it. In the future I hope my Super Secret Grand Master Plan will work out, but for now, I’m totally happy where I am in life right now. Check out my Facebook: About Me page. I think I pretty much sum myself up pretty well.

My resume is available upon request. Maybe I scribbled my website down on a piece of paper for you in passing or something. Okay, I haven’t told many people about my page, but hey, who knows! Maybe someone will contact me about mass production of my cardboard stool (6 years and 350lbs later and still going strong!)
You’ll need Adobe Reader to open it up, get it here.

This blog is WAS hosted on my own equipment at home in my small closet I call my office in San Francisco. I purchased leesayao.com a few years ago and basically let the domain expire. I didn’t want to deal with creating a DNS to point to my home server to link the domain (what’s the point if I only have one box serving the files). Anyway, years later I ported over my wordpress blog to DreamHost and I’ve been tweaking it ever since. I have probably installed wordpress a crap load of times. There have been times where I’ve locked myself out of my page, or simply didn’t follow directions before I changed a setting, which often resulted in re-importing a backup over a(nother) fresh install. Anyway, I changed my ways and started following directions and reading ahead before I clicked “OK” and this blog was born, about the 25th install later. LOL.

This Blog
I’ll try to update often and I hope I can get into the habit of doing so. Anyway, I started this thing solely for myself. The mainpage will contain random posts about my day or what not. There may be the occasional How-To guide here and there, but most of the time I may just source a guide or links from somewhere else.

The Portfolio page is exactly that, I showcase some of my work. Please feel free to leave me comments, suggestions or ask questions as it would be great to know if anything interests you!

The FreeMe page is a link to a proxy server I host on this blog. Like I say on the page, I don’t condone bypassing your IT department’s firewall, but sometimes some organizations can be tooo strict. Please don’t overuse my proxy or use it to mask illegal activity! I’ll take it down if I find out it is being abused…

The Other Pages

The other pages you see are pretty much self explanatory yeah?
I hope to add a few more pages, so check back often… Leave a comment (anywhere) so I know who’s hanging around my page…

Oh… and I basically hosted this blog so I can add this widget LOL!

PS. I screen calls, so just know that I can block you =)

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