Kony 2012 – Research Before You Leap

People who support Kony 2012 on Instagram keep liking this picture. They don't get it do they?

My facebook, instagram, twitter, and google + (yes I still check G+) feeds blew up with “KONY 2012″ today. Apparently an organization called Invisible Children launched a new video on YouTube. By all means, check it out, it tells the story of a guy in Uganda named Kony. He’s been killing a lot of people by ways of killing and brainwashing children and giving them weapons (to kill their own parents). Watch it below and then make sure you come back here to read more. After realizing that LINKING to the video is actually counter-intuitive to what I’m trying to get across, I have removed the video from my post.

I felt compelled just as you probably do now will, so I shared the video. And then when I saw the end “Act today, buy a kit, share the video, buy a shirt” I clicked the link and almost donated $30 for the Action Kit. I stopped short and did a quick search. Usually putting “scam” after a name of a company can pull up blogs, rants, or forums about any given topic. From the first link, I found another, and then another, and so on so forth. Down the rabbit hole I went. I rechecked facebook and one of my friends who also questioned this whole movement posted more links against the Kony 2012 movement, it just so happens this movement is REALLY OLD. In actuality this Kony thing has been going on for several YEARS and before all this hype Invisible Children started, there have been people who’ve already done research about IC and their practices. There’s no point in elaborating on what others have already found. I’m not bashing the company or movement at all. Now I’m a bit irritated. I posted the image above on my instagram with the hashtag KONY2012 and some idiot named kony2012_news went and LIKED the image. I even posted a link to this post on instagram and someone else with “kony” in their name liked it too. What does this tell you? The movement has essentially brainwashed teens into supporting something they have no real knowledge about!

I’m all for helping those in need by providing DIRECT AID, but when you start to read the links below for yourself, you’ll realize that all the exposure you’re giving this movement is ultimately lining the pockets of the founders of Invisible Children. Why should my money go to a middleman? I just want to inform everyone what exactly they’re supporting. READ FOR YOURSELF AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SUPPORTING. Don’t be a sheep!

One thing that really really pisses me off is the “Cover the Night” portion of the campaign. In order to blanket the city with Kony posters, you have to BUY the posters, stickers, banners etc. In the gallery on the main website, the image of the posters aren’t full sized or high quality, meaning you can’t just download the image and go to print a zillion copies. If you really wanted people to “Cover the Night” with posters, OFFER UP THE POSTERS FOR FREE! Surely you’ll eventually get some people donating but publicity is publicity right? Wrong. They are being GREEDY! 5 posters are $25. Multiply this by the millions of people who will not educate themselves first.

Links are below. Read for yourself and form your own opinion, there are quite a few, but if you’re even too lazy, please watch this video about the problem Africa is having with aid relief (and why it isn’t the answer).

Reddit | Why the Kony Documentary and Invisible Children Are One-Sided
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The Visible Problem with Invisible Children
Visible Children Tumblr
The Invisible Children and Kony 2012 Exposed
The Gauntlet | Barry Responds to Invisible Children Organization
Kony 2012 is a Pro-War Front
Sons of Liberty – Invisible Children Revisited — MUST READ!

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