backup backup backup

They say if your data isn’t in at least two locations, your data isn’t backed up. I just realized that I updated my active theme. In doing so, I lost my snarky “footer” image and a bunch of customized columns and widgets I created. Actually, the widgets are still there, but the image is gone. The auto update process probably unpacks the zip file and copies the folder on top of the previous. I’m so sad right now. I’ll have to recreate it, but I left my camera at home and I’m wearing the wrong shoes. Rats!

I contacted DreamHost to see if they had a backup. I was pleased to see in the cpanel that there were 3 restoration options with varying degrees of age. The first was one hour to one day old. The second was one day to two week old. The last was two weeks old or more. I forgot to mention one keyword they used for each option: usually. I tried each option and received restoration failures for every single one. Zilch, nada, nil, zero. This entire blog is about 1 gig only but DH states they don’t guarantee ANY backups. Since my site doesn’t receive much traffic I guess it’s not the end of the world. Expect a “How To” down the road about creating a cron job to automate the backup process to your home computer… Until then, keep an eye out for my footer. =(

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