QR Codes Revisited

Hackaday.com is one of my “Daily Reads”. They cover a multitude of topics, ranging from beginners guides to soldering, hardware hacking, and also security topics like RFID spoofing, etc. They posted an article today about QR codes and how the technology has built in error correction. This means some codes can have up to 30% of their data modified and the code will still essentially work. This is AWESOME since from a design aspect, QR codes look like total shit. At first it was pretty cool when you saw a code somewhere since not many companies used them. Now, you’ve seen enough QR codes to pretty much phase them out, just like with advertising. What designers have started doing is use this error correction to their advantage in order to make their designs stand out. Of course, the cooler/more unique the better. From my perspective when I see a super attractive QR code, my instinct isn’t to scan it because I want to learn about the company, I scan it because I’m so curious if it’ll actually scan! Based on their article I toyed around with using my logo in a QR code. I pretty much slapped the logo onto the code and placed it while I had a QR reading app running on my phone. Obviously you’ll want to test your design on more than one device since differences in camera hardware specs can make or break the readability of the code. Here’s a quick mock up of my QR code with my logo implanted. I plan to screw around with it more to see how raw and unruly I can get it without sacrificing the scan-ability . Check the links after the break for some super sexy, well designed, QR codes.

"LS" Logo slapped on my QR to this site.

Google Image Search “Unique QR Codes”
20 cool uses of QR Codes
15 Creative QR Codes

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