HTPC Done!

I finally finished the setup of my HTPC. Oh BOY is it sexy! I crammed everything into an Ikea BESTA cabinet. The cabinet has two 120mm fans installed on the rear for exhaust, and the bottom of the cabinet is cut out and I’ve installed a cheapo HVAC air filter in order to filter out dust. The result? A dust free, quiet HTPC setup! WOO HOOO!! The only thing I have left to buy is a new wireless keyboard and mouse. I’m thinking about getting the Logitech diNovo Mini ($120) or a non-backlit Lenovo Mini for half the cost at $60. Any suggestions? Here are a few pics of the setup.

Got Airflow?

Hidden like... Bin Laden was...It's all stuffed in the left cabinet

I couldn’t have done it without the help of this guy’s article on Lifehacker… I took a little bit of liberty with the setup, but in the end, the installations look the same. Oh for the Power and HDD activity LED’s, I placed them facing downwards towards the air filter. So when the lights are off, you can see a small hint of light, giving me peace of mind the HTPC is up and running, without having to open the case! Pretty sweet!

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