Luke 7
Dear Father,
It was great seeing Rachelle and Justin last night for several reasons so thank you for the opportunity to meet with them! First off, as my cousins, I miss them tremendously, like Rach was saying, as we keep getting older, we are starting to not see each other as often anymore and we should definitely change that before we get separated too much! Secondly, being the one of the first newlyweds among our peers, it’s hard to see our Christian selves as married. Like it hasn’t sunk in yet and since you let us escape to Hawaii right away, our routine hasn’t been developed yet. Rach told us how she loved walking up early to make breakfast or even just to pack a small meal for Justin. She loves him so much it makes me happy (a la Love & Respect). And even though Justin may have been rough and tough in the past, the Lord has humbled his heart so much that his love for You just emanates through his actions and words towards Rach. Both their foundations are pretty solid, and it’s great to see they’ve built their foundations together. Stef summed their relationship as “inspiring”! I truly agree because 1) they put YOU first, and 2) it’s not hard to tell that you made them for each other. Stef puts YOU first, but I don’t necessarily do so 100% of the time. I need to change that yea? I know you have blessed Stef and I with the sanctity of marriage, but it was refreshing to hear Justin mention that the first time he proposed, Rach might have said Yes, but God said No. I truly believe if God said I wasn’t made for/ready for Stef, he would’ve stopped us as well. Now that God has blessed us to be married, I must grow a pair, step it up, catch on fire, and devote my life entirely to YOU and to be unashamed!
I hope I can grow enough to be inspiring to other people. Justin and Rach have been through a lot, you’ve broken them and because of it they know you so well, and you them. It was awesome to hear how other Christian married couples interact with each other and serve you and it was great seeing into their lives.
In Luke 7, you do miracles for the people who have exhibited great belief and faith. You bring someone back to life and heal the sick. You also forgave the sins of a harlot. You did this because these people believed you would die for them and you did exactly that. Please continue to build my faith so my foundation is as strong as Stef’s, Rach’s or Justin’s. I want to be that reed, unshakable in the wind. Please grow in me. This vacation has opened my eyes to what’s truly important in my life. You and Stef and Jax and outreach. Please help me step back in to my job with a greater appreciation for things. Please keep this flame burning inside of me and pour gasoline on it so I may flame up and be inspiring to others!! Don’t let my poor actions and old ways denounce my faith in the eyes of non-believers. Make me an example for my friends and family. I love you!!!

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