1 Corinthians 13:1-13
Dear Father,
First and foremost, thanks again for everything you’ve given me and for all the people in my life. In this passage, the Love passage (I think it’s commonly referred to) you talk about LOVE. In verse 1 you pretty much say without love, I am just an annoying noisemaker. If I try to outreach without love, I’m just a fraud. Thank you for the reminder of not talking about people behind their backs. If I can stop this habit, I can lead by example better. You also mention that if I do not love everyone, no matter how much “faith” I may have, it is moot.
I must become a man, grow up from being a child, and get rid of childish ways. Here is my list of things I need to toss aside:

  • Lying – I lie to people, sometimes to those I love.
  • Cheating - I find ways around systems for personal gain.
  • Stealing – I should stop downloading!
  • Gossip/Slander – I do this a lot, it breaks down people’s integrity and my own.
  • Cursing – I should stop this because I worship you with the same tongue.
  • Getting Drunk – Sometimes I go overboard when I drink.
  • Standing up for God – Like Peter, I constantly deny you. Yet you love me regardless.

Looking at that list, your main commandment, Love, is completely missing. How can I claim to be a Christian if I’m set in my ways when I was a child, before I gave my life to you. I pray you come into my heart and pray that you can help me toss aside my childish ways so that I may GROW GROW GROW. Maybe I’m not growing yet because my roots aren’t developed yet. Well this is why I’m trying to do devo’s more. I will be in your Word more to further build my foundation. One thing I pray is that when I come back from vacation, I shall continue to meet you.

Hmm… Maybe I should switch up the devotional plan I’m reading. I started with Marriage, but since I’m trying to grow myself, I should focus more on myself (without losing sight of being a good Husband to Stef).

Love you!!

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