Dear Mom

As I lay here on the daybed trying to think of a master plan of what I can do to even TRY to show you my appreciation for all of the motherly things you’ve done for me, I always end up in the same place every single time: dumbfounded and speechless. There’s nothing I can do to repay you for what you’ve done for me. If I were to try to tell you these things in person, it would be hard for me to get out the words since I would probably break down and cry. I cannot express how thankful I am for everything you’ve done and continue to do in my life. I probably say that every year on every card I might (or might not) write to you, but I truly mean it. I am grateful for YOUR love. You are always selfless. You are always patient. And you are always loving. When we have an argument, you’re always the one to break the silence to call me so we can make amends because you can’t sleep.

You’ve taught me countless lessons in life. From the small things like how to tie my shoes or how to plant roses and care for orchids to the bigger things like how important it is to love unconditionally and how I should always respect women. Thank you for letting me make my own decisions and letting me learn from my own mistakes. Whenever I would make a mistake or bad decision, you never hesitated to let me know, yet at the same time you still supported me when I needed you most.

Thank you for being the Super Mom, bending over backwards, always sacrificing and always loving ME unconditionally even when I pushed you away at times. I’m sorry for all the times I gave you grief or let you down. I can’t imagine how crappy and unappreciated I made you feel. I’m glad we’re better now and that I’ve grown to appreciate you for everything. EVERYTHING. Hopefully you know that I do.

Though I complain about how you leave me super long voicemails, I enjoy listening to them however long they may be, even after we’ve already touched base. And when I nag you about nagging me for whatever reason, I truly appreciate and see every ounce of the love that’s secretly behind it all.

Thank you for watching Jax on the weekends and thank you for always being hospitable to Stef and I when we come over. Thank you for our flowers, our wedding support, and everything I’m probably forgetting to mention. Neither of us can wait to give you grandchildren =) If I have one hope in life, it’s that my children will feel as loved as much as you made me feel growing up and throughout the rest of my life.

I love you will all my heart.

Your son,


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