Learn to Bootleg, Learn to Code

I hate when people ask me for CD Keys…
Learn to Bootleg

Sorry I’ve been distant… Been wedding planning! Less than 2 months to go… =X

On the up and up, I’ll be posting up some PHP code I made for our wedding’s RSVP system. Each invite we sent out has 2 codes. The first, the invite code, is the same for everyone. This allows them to see everything about the wedding. The second code, the RSVP code, is unique to each invite. This code is tied to a SQL database which contains the family name and how many seats are available for the ceremony and reception (we have a strict max number at our ceremony). When said family goes to RSVP, the drop down selection boxes they see will only display up to the max number we’ve given them (basically a for loop: $i=1; $i<=$seats; $i++). So far everything has worked flawlessly! I even created an "admin" page that allows Stef and I to quickly check who has responded without having to dive into the database. I basically learned PHP in a month and built the wedding website in 2 weeks. With God anything is possible!!

If you're interested in the RSVP code and I still haven't posted a separate post about it... leave me a comment, I'm bound to see it and knowing someone is interested will force me to post the code!

Each invite has a unique RSVP code.

The first and last names seen in the welcome message and the maximum number of seats available to that unique code/family is pulled from the database.

The confirmation screen basically echos the information that was submit in a user friendly manner.
RSVP Confirmation

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7 Responses to Learn to Bootleg, Learn to Code

  1. Teren says:


    Congrats on the wedding. Mine’s coming up not to long after yours. I’m interesting in seeing you’re code, it’s basically what I’ve been searching for the last month!


  2. Lee says:

    Hi Teren,
    Do you have a website up? You’ll need a web server of some sort with a sql database. One note is that I haven’t had time to “secure” the code from sql injection attacks, which is why I have the invitation code present, it keeps prying eyes out. Anyway, let me know if you’ve got a host up and I’ll find some time to get the code to you!

  3. Teren says:

    Hi Lee,
    My website is already up. Been steadily adding to it and the last major piece is the RSVP system. I have already setup mysql database and can connect to it to pull up the test data that I have entered into it. I haven’t imported the guest list yet. Thanks, Teren.

  4. afriX says:

    this looks great, if u can please share the code.

  5. This is what I was looking for. Please do share the code.

  6. p says:

    hi, will you be posting the code for this? thanks!

  7. ray says:

    I, too, am interested in seeing your code.

    Thank you very much!

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