Dear Father,
Wow oh wow. Today was just crazy. Anticipation, anxiety, relief, joy and… enlightenment all in one day? THANKS!!
I helped the new guy get up to speed at work. He knows a lot already because he has experience, but it’s just fun to be the go-to for questions. I’m almost done with the Purchase Order project and I pray since I’m not going to the Staff Picnic (too far and the rest of the IT staff isn’t going either!) I’ll finish up the project and get some other tidbits done as well.
As you know, I was super anxious to sit down and talk to Pastor Larry! I don’t know why, I was just afraid he’d say I’m not good enough for Stef… I dunno. Maybe my anxiety is why I couldn’t sleep last night and I was foolishly blaming it on Jax wanting to go out for a walk at 2AM.
Anyway the meeting went fantabulous. I’m glad we talked to him because I know you’re speaking through him. If you didn’t want us to get married, you would’ve done something by now or our planning would be really tough. When we were driving back, I like the way Stef pretty much put it regarding your relationship with Pastor Larry, “Man, him and God are like… best buddies!” I pray you keep me on the right path, following in your footsteps, just as you continue to guide and hold Pastor Larry to you. Larry quotes I loved: “Yes, Satan sure is good with Slippery Slopes” but also “Separating yourselves will only lead to a stronger bond” (well he didn’t say that per se, but basically right? You were there!)
Stef’s also been anxious, but mainly about work. Even though she’s doing a tremendously excellent job, putting in crazy hours, and sacrificing a lot, she feels like she might be on the chopping block. I don’t believe she’ll be cut at all, but only YOU know your master plan. In any case, please ease her anxiety as well and guide her to where you want her to be. Listening to her retell her stories about outreach and sharing the Gospel with such fire and passion, makes me love her even more! You’ve blessed her with an awesome talent, I can only pray I’ll be prepared for when it’s my turn to share.
Thanks for the meetup with Brandon and Stan & Rachel, I pray Stan & Rachel have an awesome wedding. 10/10/10 is a cool date, they’ll never forget that one! Thanks for the banquet tips, I’ll also be sure to check out the one they were talking about.
Oh and before I forget, please give Stef some time off or allow her to schedule herself a little later on Sunday, I want her to meet the people I met at Kallao last Sunday, I think it’s about time we entered in a community! Note to self, check Neighborhood’s website for small groups too! That would be cool if we had a small group here, but I think Stef would be the better group leader =X!
Thanks for an awesome week so far, I pray we’re both super duper productive tomorrow, that the State budget is signed soon (and somehow all the furloughs get paid back hehhe), and that you continue to watch over us.
Love you!!!

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