Dear Father,
Thank you for a wonderful month. The weather has been beautiful and work has been stress free. You’ve also opened up many opportunities for a new career path for me. As always, if this is the way you want me to go, I’ll go. Several things have happened just this month!! Stef moved out, just like it should’ve been from the get go. She’s having fun with her new roomies and Chow, and I’ve been hanging out with my cousins. I’ve been missing them, so thank you. You’ve also had your hand in helping us plan for the wedding! It’s funny, well not really, but it’s so exciting to see you working. Back when we were talking about living separately, Stef said to anyone who was trying to talk her/us out of it, “If we obey God’s command, then He will help us plan the wedding. If we continue to live together, he will not help us or it will be harder.” Lo and behold she was right. I pray you give me the strength she has to profess my faith. Whenever something like that happens, I become Peter and deny you and I’m sorry. Why should I be ashamed? (reminds me of this song)

Thank you for everything this month, I mean everything. I’m sad Stef moved out, but hey, in less than a years time, we’ll be living together legitimately, without sin! Off the top of my head, I pray you help me fix Andy’s iPhone (as I’m holding it right now). I pray the permit for Sutro Heights gets approved and that everything else just falls in to place because of your amazing power. I pray I hear back from the two jobs I’ve applied to this week or next. I pray if it’s in your heart for me to make more money, I’ll get the position! I understand that everything is in your hands and I trust you know what’s best.

Love you!

UPDATE: We got the venue reserved! THANK YOU!!

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