The Proposal!!

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4 years ago I asked her to be my girlfriend. Today I asked her to be my wife.

Fun Facts:
I RMA’ed the Flip Camera slightly more than 2 weeks ago and the replacement came literally 30 minutes before I started recording. Close call.

As a precaution I bought a second camera, just in case we missed the delivery. Luckily I didn’t have to open the box (15% restocking fee yo)!
I’ve got shifty eyes in the beginning because she was in living room and I was keeping an eye out for the door. I almost got caught recording it!

My whole ploy behind having the camera was to shoot a “video screen saver” for my work computer with Stef and Jax in the foreground (geekness I know). [You can get the plug-in here]

It was superrrr windy and I was afraid it would knock over the tripod and camera.

The song isn’t by The Beatles (we both thought so until today!) it’s by The Turtles!

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