How to piss off the IT guy

1) You ask me if it’s done yet, right after I login to your infested workstation.

2) You change the layout of the meeting floorplan, right after we tape the wires so you don’t trip and fall on your executive ass.

3) You explain to someone else that the “technical difficulties” you are having for the meeting are because of the IT people. And you use air quotes when you say technical difficulties.

4) You don’t use the microphones during the meeting when you requested 4 of them. Then blame it on us for the poor recording quality.

to be continued…

11:25am Update
5) Look at me when the motion sensitive lights turn off due to inactivity in the room. Get up and turn them on yourself!

1:45pm Update
6) Time is money, so don’t tell attendees to come back at 1:30 and then don’t come back yourself until 1:45.

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