40 days of fitness…

Instead of giving up something for Ash Wednesday, I’ll start something in hopes that I keep up with it. Actually, I’m giving up being lazy right when I get home from work, but I’d like to think I’m gaining something instead. Me, Jax, and Stef are going to start a daily 2 mile walk. 2 miles may seem easy to most people, but if you look at the incline and the rolling hills we’re run/walk/jogging (Bernal Heights end of Folsom St), you’ll understand it’s intense for the non-athletic folks like us. I haven’t been keeping up with my exercise and neither has Stef. Jax usually suffers as well, and since we’re inching towards “Spring forward” we’ll have more daylight after work to exercise.

I google mapped the route we walked today and it’s perfect! Without Jax stopping to mark everything it should take us under an hour at a walking pace. Due to the incline run/walk/jogging up the hills gets our hearts beating and the blood circulating enough to make it count, and that’s what matters most right?! Hopefully after 40 days, we’ve got a routine down enough so we keep up with it. I get off work at the same time every day, so I really don’t have an excuse. I’m also going to pair our walks with a mild workout to tone up the rest of my body so I can keep my New Years resolution… wish us luck!

Oh, feel free to join us! Give us a call!

2 mi ~ 1 hour

UPDATE: Stef is right, we’re not going to count Friday-Sunday because we both pretty much work closing shifts…4 days a week is still good right?

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  1. Stef says:

    YAY! I feel healthy and toned already just reading your inspiring blog! oh and also from our first walk today. Maybe after our 40 days I won’t be huffing and puffing up Folsom St. anymore. I’m excited! Too bad we’re eating at Colleen’s tomorrow, and then it’s Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday. Oh jeez… 4 more days until we get started again. I think we should make it 40 days without counting Friday-Sundays.

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