Note(s) to self…

  1. FileZilla does NOT show .htaccess files in ANY directories
  2. AskApache Password Protect will break your blog if you rely on filezilla for #1
  3. I’ve installed and configured wordpress and its options about 25 times now. For the same blog.
  4. Re-read #3 and realize I am NOT happy
  5. DreamHost isn’t THAT bad
  6. I am sleepy
  7. I need a working plugin or way for inline posts to work
  8. No one is going to read this. LOL.


  • #1 – Server > “Force Showing Hidden Files”
  • #2 – Read the directions first. I’m sure it’s a great plugin since everyone is RAVING about it
  • This blog is now protected, thanks Cory!
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