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40 days of fitness…

Instead of giving up something for Ash Wednesday, I’ll start something in hopes that I keep up with it. Actually, I’m giving up being lazy right when I get home from work, but I’d like to think I’m gaining something more »

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This makes me raff…

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Note to Self

Don’t have your child’s baptism at a church that is listed as one of the most visited churches in San Francisco without having a paid bouncer at the door checking a guest list. Otherwise, a bus will drop off a more »

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woo hoo!

Yes yes yall… finally I’ve completed a few things: This blog is secure! DB’s are backed up TWICE a day The Devo’s page has been revamped and is displaying content BEAUTIFULLY! I added the portfolio and help_me pages and removed more »

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Note(s) to self…

FileZilla does NOT show .htaccess files in ANY directories AskApache Password Protect will break your blog if you rely on filezilla for #1 I’ve installed and configured wordpress and its options about 25 times now. For the same blog. Re-read more »

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