Dear Father,
Wow. I’ve completely neglected talking to you. I checked the last time I talked to you and it has been more than a month! The ironic part is that I have this newfangled blog that you helped me setup and I’ve been pretty horrible at using it for its designed purpose: talking to you. I feel like Peter denying you every time I change posts to private or edit things out of my blog because of what people might think. This year I’m going to change that. You’ve got power over everything, you’re in control of the way my life goes and I have complete trust in you.

This week has been crazy. The rain has stopped (until today) and work kinda sorta picked up since people started coming to work. We’ve got a whole slew of meetings, conferences and trainings coming up and I’m going to have to cover the help desk by myself for two weeks! I’m glad I’ll be “free” in a way, but I’ll have more responsibility since I’m the only one available for coverage. Anyway, thanks for keep me sane this past year! You really made the year fly by. I signed my final probation report TODAY and I passed with flying colors. You even arranged for a salary increase, so thank you very much for that! I pray this year is both rewarding and challenging in the aspect of my career. The office is going to go through some major change and I’d like to be a part of it all. We’ve got new equipment so hardware swaps are coming up and there are big things planned on the network side. I hope we get through it all quickly and efficiently and it allows us to grow together better as a team.

Thanks for keeping my family and friends safe in this crazy weather. I pray you continue to watch over them and protect them during their travels. I also pray for the families in Haiti and for the individuals, groups and organizations who are spearheading the relief efforts. I pray that during these crazy times, the people of Haiti and others around the world don’t look to you in hate and disgust, but rather they look to you for hope.
Thank you for everything, especially the things I’ve overlooked.
Love you!

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