I’ve been watching LOST on Hulu recently. I started from Season 1 a month or two ago and I caught up and just finished the last episode of Season 5… What a ride… I told my girlfriend about what’s happening now in the show since she stopped interest around Season 2, and she said the show was getting ridiculous! I won’t spoil anything for anyone, but it just got me thinking about what makes a good show. Also, is there a time limit for how long a show should air?

Friends lasted 10 seasons. What made it good (but then again, that’s relative to who you ask. I liked it!)? I think it was a good show because it focused on normal everyday people. Last I checked, All My Children is still on the air, but then again, soap operas are notorious for their long running series! I looked at wikipedia and searched “Longest Running Television Show”. I came across this article.

I don’t even know what Guiding Light is, but it’s been aired since 1952 and it’s last broadcast was September 18, 2009 which put them at an astounding FIFTY SEVEN seasons encompassing 15,762 episodes! Aside from various news shows, it is slated as the “longest running dramatic series of any genre” and the “longest running daytime drama”. My cousin and her family used to record and watch every episode of All My Children on VHS since I can remember. According to this list, they’re still in production and are on their 40th season. I personally can’t stand the show, but there are obviously still people that watch the show, otherwise why bother with production?

If something works and you keep doing it, people will still watch. Right? Well what if viewers start to get bored with the same old story? I think this point is where writers start to pull rabbits out of their hats and make up some garbage just to finish out the season and possibly pray for another. From then on, it’s a slippery slope, and the quality of the show greatly changes.

If the big networks start to see a decrease in viewers and/or ratings, I think they should immediately start to think about cutting the series off. I know it sucks for the people working on the set, the actors, actresses and production team, not to mention the writers themselves, but I think my mentality is more of being known for being a quality show rather than being the longest running series EVAR.

I’m both saddened and thankful LOST is on their final season this year. I love the show and I think that this season will prove that quality really matters more than quantity.

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