10 things in 2010

With the New Year, a lot of people expect change. Here’s what I’m looking forward to doing, buying or seeing in the new year. Although I’m not going to talk about them in detail, hopefully my short descriptions will spark interest enough for you to “Google it.” Here we go!

  1. Boxee Box
  2. I don’t have cable so naturally I download movies and watch TV shows online. Instead of plugging my laptop into my big CRT television, Boxee Box would perch above my TV permanently. I have a crapload of movies stored on my desktop that would be available to Boxee. After an initial indexing, my entire library of movies and songs would be available to the Boxee application for my entertainment.

  3. Google Chrome OS
  4. I can’t live without my iPhone. The only thing it lacks is a full Flash browser. I’m not even going to bother putting THAT on this list, but who knows? Google Chrome OS is a lightweight platform for cloud computing. I spend a ton of time in my gmail account and I’ve recently started using Google Notebook and Google Docs. If you don’t mind sharing your private info with Google, this lightweight OS would be the perfect companion for your ultraportable.

  5. A New 47″ HDTV
  6. Just because. I even figured out the “perfect” size by using lifehacker’s tip.

    According to the duo, the process involves taking the viewing distance from the screen (in inches) and dividing that by the number two. Why two? According to Jude, salespeople will tell you to divide the distance by 1.5 because they want you to buy a bigger set, whereas non-salespersons typically suggest 2.5 as a benchmark. The “pragmatic thing” to do, she says, is to split the difference between these numbers and divide by two instead, which should provide you with a proper screen size.

  7. Getting back into shape
  8. I’ve been lazy lately. It’s all Jax’s fault. Ever since we got him, we haven’t played tennis. I think a 6 month hiatus is enough don’t you think? On Black Friday, I bought the Iron Gym from Sports Authority. Turns out the damn thing doesn’t fit into the door at my house because the moulding is too thick. How’s that for an excuse? Haha

  9. Hulu App for the iPhone
  10. Granted this was “promised” April 2009, it is still on my wish list. I love Hulu. I would even PAY for it, especially since it would probably be cheaper than cable. As long as Lost, FlashForward, Family Guy and Fringe continue to air on Hulu, I’m going to be craving my Hulu fix, especially on the go.

  11. My Shows
  12. Knowing that this will be the last season of Lost, I hope FlashForward doesn’t get canned so I still have something to watch. Fringe seems to be doing exceptionally well and Family Guy will never die. FlashForward comes back in March. I can’t wait.

  13. Items 8, 9, & 10
  14. Haha!

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