Dumb Smart Dog!

If you ask any mother leaving their child alone to play, hearing nothing; no sounds, no toys clanging together, no whining means there’s something wrong. Well, I’m no mother, but I experienced this concept firsthand.

I have a dog. His name is Jax. Jax is 9 months old and he likes to eat everything, just as a toddler of the same age would. Anyway, we’ve been sleeping on the couch in order to keep him company through the night. He’s notorious for having separation anxiety, so he’ll bark for about 15 minutes straight when we leave him for work or at night when it’s time to hit the sack. One night, Jax was exceptionally quiet. Normally, he’d take about 10 minutes to get rid of the rest of his energy, and then afterward, plop down next to us. Well he didn’t. When I woke up around 0300 hours, I found pieces of Ethernet cable all over the living room floor! To my dismay, he had chewed through the cable that provides a connection between our office router and the living room hub! When I examined the cable, not only did he cut it in half, he felt the need to continue to chew on the ends.

Now, you might be wondering why this post is titled, “Dumb Smart Dog!” and that’s because of what I’m about to tell you. On this page, there’s a link to the Jax Cam. It’s a camera mounted in the kitchen where Jax’s bed is located. When we leave for work, we simply close the door to the kitchen. If he does his business in there, and misses his pad, the flooring is linoleum so the cleanup is a breeze. The camera is there so we can watch him from work. Well anyway, if you try to view the camera right now, you’ll notice that it doesn’t work.
Are you following where this is going? Jax chewed through the connection between the main router in the office and the hub. It’s a hardwire connection because the hub isn’t a wireless access point. The IP camera is also hardwired, and the cabling runs from the kitchen to the hub in the living room. He effectively severed the connection from the IP camera to both the outside world and my home network. Hence, we cannot watch him until said connection is restored.

What’s worse is that the hub isn’t just there for the camera. My XBOX 360 and my laptop (oh I just remembered ANOTHER story about him. It’ll have to wait for another post) WERE both connected to the hub. So now, not only can I NOT watch Jax’s antics, I can’t stream movies to my 360, nor can we hardwire our laptops for a faster online experience.

Usually we’d plop on the couch and stream movies to the 360 while we throw his toy for him to fetch while we try to pay attention to the movie. Now we have to actually focus on him (just kidding in a sense) AND we won’t know what’s going on behind the kitchen door while we’re gone! Dumb Smart Dog!


Meet Jax

Meet Jax

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  1. Stef says:

    Awwww we can’t stay mad at him….

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