Dear Father,
Thanks for a productive day yesterday! I was able to watch a few episodes of LOST annnd I was able to get a lot of stuff done at work. I finished my project a day early and now for Monday I just need to make some quick edits and I’ll be super done.
Thanks for keeping my stress low. I had to play car valet this morning to get Stef’s car out of the garage and you made it easy for me since there was a lot of parking due to street cleaning.
Thanks for helping the tire guy find Stef’s mom’s account. I didn’t even think about transferring the car in Costco’s system.
I pray they’re either able to repair the slow leak or that they’re able to change out all 4 while making sure I get to work on time! I pray for good days for Stef and I. Please watch over Jax and make sure he behaves! I pray for anyone traveling far in the rain. Please let them make it to where they’re going on time and safely. Love you!

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