Ready? Set. GO!!

Just finished LOST Season 2. Time to finish up my project. Only need to check on 15 more users and 5 more printers. I make a mad dash to check 1) patch cable color and 2) length of patch cable. GO!
Identified all remaining cables, now to add them to the spreadsheet, save to shared folder and shoot off the location to the sac boss.
Time to hit the bathroom before my BART ride home.
Back from the bathroom. Time to start closing up shop. Initiate shutdown sequence; WAIT!
Sac boss is thanking me for finishing the project a day early. “Ok. Ok. Have a good weekend!”
Computer off? Check. Cube lights off? Check. Got my house keys? Check. Anything else? Nope. Good, time to hit the elevator.
Brrr, it’s cold. Thankully it’s not raining. I check the time. 3 minutes if the BART is early, 5 if waits a little longer than normal. Crosswalk; 5 seconds. Run!
BART station escalator people: WALK to the RIGHT! “Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry!”
“SAN FRANCISCO / AIRPORT TRAIN now boarding Platform 2″
“Excuse me! Sorry!”
“SAN FRANCISCO / AIRPORT TRAIN: Doors are closing” *ding ding*
Run Skip and Jump!
I shout a resounding, “YES!”
Passngers are surprised I made it and one even looks shocked I showed up out of nowhere.
I take a bow and smile.

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One Response to Ready? Set. GO!!

  1. Stef says:

    Sounds like my prayer came true! You had a very productive day! (All in just 30 minutes) =o) Love you!

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