Dear Father,
Thank you for a relaxing time last night. Stef and I had fun just hanging around at home with Jax. “Lost” is getting really exciting so we were basically glued to the TV. Unfortunately, watching the show took time away from talking to you last night for the both of us. Stef passed out, and then when I went to go do devos, something happened with the server and I basically called it a night.
Thank you for getting me to work on time. Stef sleeps like a rock, so thanks for helping me wake her up, lol.
Thank you also for my dream the other night. I know it sounds crazy to thank you for a dream, but I’m sure you put that dream in my head so I could call my dad. The dream felt really real, I’m surprised that I didn’t wake up crying. I did know it was a dream though because I knew that you won’t let something like that happen without me being there. Hopefully by me telling my dad about it, he will go and get a check-up (finally). He probably thinks that when it’s his time, it’s time, but I pray that you get it into his mind that he should do everything he can to try to stay healthy as long as he can. Isn’t that why preventative maintenance exists? You change your oil to get the most out of your car, you fix leaks in your house so it won’t fall to the ground, well everyone should feel the same way about their bodies. YOU gave us these bodies so we can worship you and reach out to people, it would be a waste to just abuse it.
Here I am preaching and yet I’m living unhealthy. Maybe I need to listen to myself. Anyway, I pray that my dad will finally make an appointment.

I pray also, that Stef and I have very productive days at work. I have an assignment I need to finish, and it shouldn’t take long. Please set aside some time for me to be zoned in and focused on the job. Also set aside some time for LOST! haha…

I almost forgot to thank you for the great mini-vacation we had. Sure being all the way up north had some cons, like no cell reception, and your wonderful invention, “the internet,” but deep down inside, it felt good to be unplugged and disconnected. I think I didn’t take it as well because I was cut off abruptly and I wasn’t really prepared to lose contact with the world immediately.

The week is almost over, thanks for letting it rush by so quickly! The next few weeks should be slow as everyone is taking time off. I pray wherever people go, they make it there safely and they have the opportunity to make good memories or mend broken hearts during the Holiday season. Only 15 days until your birthday!! YAY!!
Love you!

ps. Can you give me the power to figure out how to get rid of that extra “<" up there? Something in the PHP is putting it there, but I can't figure out which line of code it's on. It's rather annoying. Thanks!
UPDATE:I found a better plugin that allows me to pull these inline better… it’s called Blog-in-Blog. I paired it up with WP Hide Post (with all settings checked) and basically all my posts in the devo category get output on the devo page automatically! I’m going to donate to them… really I am!
Love you!

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