Dear Father,
This is crazy! I’m doing online Devo’s! Haha, well at least I don’t have to worry about spelling and sloppiness. As you know, sometimes I get so tired when it comes time to talk to you that I write all sloppy and crooked. Anyway, Thank You for the day today. I got to sleep in with Jax, even though he kept me up all morning. I felt really bad because I was yelling at him. He made a big mess though. I should’ve followed Andy’s advice and just gave him his own toy to chew on instead. I was being lazy and figured yelling at him would do the trick instead… =/

THANK YOU FOR MY BLOG! Hah, I was working on this bad boy for the longest time and I was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. Luckily, YOU were the one preventing me from publishing it live! This whole time I thought I was doing something wrong, or that some configuration was wrong even though I triple-checked everything. Then, late last night, this morning rather, it came to me. Why I shouldn’t be hosting this blog at home? SECURITY. I was ready to publish my first post even before I started locking down the Apache server! Whew, thanks for that one! You pointed me in the right direction, made me read a few security articles and now, I’d say my blog is pretty much set, although not bulletproof.

I pray tomorrow morning we both wake up refreshed (even though it’s almost 3am right now). Please remind me to put air in Stef’s tire. I pray for safe trips to work and that our days are productive & stress-free. I look forward to our mini-vacation. Sorry for not being able to make it to church on Sunday. Maybe Stef and I can do devo’s on the beach if it doesn’t rain (that part is up to you hehe). One thing’s for sure, I can do devos now from ANYWHERE! No more excuses, I swear!
Love You & Good Night!

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