Locked n Loaded

I spent the better half of last night and this morning configuring the security settings for both this blag and the whole apache setup. I’m pretty tired, but I figure I’d post one more time. Tomorrow I’ll add a section titled “Devo’s” I’m pretty excited because in a few days, my first devotional journal will be completely full. It took me almost 3 years to fill it up. From my perspective, I think I could’ve filled it up faster.  Late nights like tonight often hinder any meaningful conversations with God. I either skip journaling altogether or worse, I’ll end up rereading my sorry attempt at an entry in the morning which often looks like a mini seismograph of the 1989 earthquake…

Anywho… I’m pretty beat. I basically gave myself a crash course in Apache land. I learned how to secure directories with both httpd.conf and .htaccess files among other equally exciting things:

  1. chmod isn’t needed under Windows’ OS
  2. securing a server is hard and it can never be “too secure”
  3. securing things down often break more things than you realize
  4. you’ll never know what’s broken until you try EVERYTHING
  5. had a crash course in php
  6. also had a mysql refresher crash course
  7. no-ip.com is the greatest service ever

See aren’t you getting sleepy from just reading that? With that said, good night and adieu!

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