Welcome to my self-hosted-super-cool-geek-blog. I created this craziness from scratch. I’m using XAMPP annnd WordPress. Hosted on an Intel 3.0Ghz Single-Core P4, socket 478. It has a whopping 4gb of RAM and a 2 TB hard drive for God knows what. Oh, and even though the mobo/cpu combo is kinda oldschool, it’s able to run Windows 7. This “old fogie” rig has 3 main purposes:

  1. webserver
  2. media stream to my xbox 360
  3. boxee media center

Basically, it’s running 24/7 so I figured I might as well install a webserver to mess around with it.

I’ve had a bitch of a time trying to set this webserver up, it seemed like everytime I took one step forward, I took about 10 steps back. I hope my posts are entertaining enough… till next time!

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